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Affecting Lives Through Wellness Initiatives

eLifestyle Health Advocates has helped thousands of people and families become educated on the many positive outcomes of a healthy lifestyle. Through a variety of wellness initiatives, such as weight loss and ab challenges, Get Fit BWG (community weight loss challenge and support group), and our eTransformation Nutrition & Fitness program, we have been able to help reverse the effects of obesity to help individuals create happier, healthier, and more meaningful lives.

Our current 5-Day Free Weight Loss Program is an initiative to introduce the basic understanding behind a healthy approach to weight loss. Our methods and practices are about creating "back-to-basics" programs that dispels myths associated with weight loss, expose the truths behind fad "diets," and teach individuals how to create healthy, balanced, whole food meals for them and their family. (The purpose of the initial quiz is to deliver a tailored program for each individual).


A Grass-Roots Approach

 When it comes to family bonds, creating positive relationships through healthy, active living is essential. Doing so ensures a family culture that is rooted in positive wellness right from the start.


Youth Fitness Programming

Running community youth fitness programs are also integral to optimizing the influence health awareness has at an early stage of development. Funding from Participaction has allowed us to deliver fitness programs like Teen Group Fitness, and Kung Fu Panda Day -- an obstacle course for kids 5 yrs. and under.  

Taking a vested interest in having our children lead active lives will provide them with fundamentals that reach beyond the family dynamic. They learn about what exactly it means to be healthy and strong in mind and body. Plus, they gain awareness of their abilities which leads to an increased confidence to accept and conquer new challenges and establish goals as they go through life.


Future Endeavors

As we eagerly work to secure more funding, we have set our sights on making an even broader impact by creating future programs for indigenous communities. 

It has been recognized for some time now that a number of factors including access to healthy food, healthy environments, and health information and support among Indigenous communities have resulted in a number of serious health-related issues, specifically the dramatic increase in childhood obesity. While 26.3% of Canadian children and youth are overweight or obese, 34.5% of off-reserve Indigenous young people are considered overweight or obese. Preliminary results of the 2008 First Nations Regional Longitudinal Health Survey suggest that 56% of children and 43% of youths living in Canadian Indigenous communities are either overweight or obese, but obesity levels vary considerably by region. In specific Indigenous communities located in Canada the rate of on-reserve pediatric obesity and overweight varies widely from 38% to as high as 70%!

Obesity not only tracks from childhood into adulthood; adults who were obese during childhood also have an increased risk of developing chronic diseases. Indigenous people in Canada suffer from obesity-related conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease at 2-3 times the rates of the general population. Clearly, something must be done to reverse this trend, and we are dedicated to make this, however challenging, a reality.


Maximizing Our Potential For Making Sustainable Change

Utilizing the vast amounts of combined knowledge, expertise, commitment, and passion from every member of eLifestyle Health Advocates, we are able to deliver programs that can reach far deeper into personal, family and community health dynamics. The path to real change is a challenging  and ever-changing endeavor. However, our experiential resources  provide a unique strength and willingness to create sustainable change.

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