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eLifestyle Health Advocates is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to strengthening communities and helping individuals and their families overcome barriers by creating healthy, sustainable lives through obesity prevention, education and empowerment.

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No More Calorie Confusion & Skip The Hunger Insanity

This program utilizes our expert philosophies and techniques so you can skip the nutritional guesswork and learn how to effortlessly fuel your body and change your mindset to attain healthy weight loss. The best part is you'll be creating a new lifestyle!

Get Your FREE Body Transformation Kick-Start Program Here

FREE Body Transformation Kick-Start Program

After countless client weight loss and body transformations, we created this program to take the guesswork out of achieving your ideal weight. In fact, you'll be totally empowered! Grab your free kick-start program today, and create the path for success. 

Get Your FREE Body Transformation Kick-Start Program Here

Proven By Real People Just Like You

After many hundreds of transformations and testimonials from real people, just like you, we know what works. This program provides a unique balance of education and support with YOUR goals in mind. We also provide two amazing cardio programs. Simply follow along!

Get Your FREE Body Transformation Kick-Start Program Here

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